Plant/Herbal Remedies

Although Dr. McLaughlin believes the body has its own innate wisdom and ability to heal itself from within, there are times when he may recommend plant-based or herbal remedies. Dr. McLaughlin is a nationally recognized and licensed herbalist (through NCCAOM). He holds a Master’s degree from the International Institute of Chinese Medicine where he studied pharmacy, herb-drug interactions, Western herbals, and Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Patents. These herbal formulations can be used to supplement and support the body for a variety of health concerns.

Dr. McLaughlin’s approach is typically to try first to get therapeutic results by stimulating the patient’s own healing mechanisms (with Acupuncture, Exercises, and Bodywork) and by encouraging patients to exercise and make dietary improvements, but sometimes plant-bases remedies are necessary to help the body restore balance more effectively or more efficiently. His patients know that he is not a ‘product pushing’ practitioner so if he recommends an herbal remedy it is because he truly feels it will be of benefit to his patients.

He also likes to work with his patient’s Western medical providers to reduce their need for prescription medication, if possible. We can often replace synthetic drugs, or at least get dosages lowered, with the help of plant-based medications. He finds that many of his patients want this once they learn that it may be a viable option for them. However, this must be done carefully, over time, and with proper communication to the patient’s prescribing physician(s). Ultimately, we should all work together to help improve our patient’s quality of life in whatever ways possible. Dr. McLaughlin is constantly receiving referrals from many Western medical professionals. He is always looking to meet with new clinicians in the area that are open to referring patients that he may help serve.

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