Nutritional Evaluation

Most Americans know that they need to make improvements to their dietary habits but many are overwhelmed with conflicting information as they try to navigate proper changes for themselves and their families. Dr. Jamie has lived and practiced abroad and has some unique and insightful knowledge and information he would love to share with people in the USA. There is information about our food supply that Americans have the right to know. He often states that he can usually narrow most patient's conditions down to two questions...

1. What are you eating?
2. What’s eating you?

All joking aside, there is wisdom and truth to this... what information are you providing to your cells and what information is ‘stuck’ or ‘held’ creating imbalances to your body’s systems? Most patients can be served by making some simple changes to their diets, improving nutrient density so the cells can function properly and also through help with emotional stressors (the two are not mutually exclusive). Dr. McLaughlin welcomes patients to come in for nutritional evaluations…initial 15 minute phone consultations are free to anyone who calls and comprehensive evaluations can include single patients or entire family members at no additional charge.