Meet Dr. Jamie

Dr. Jamie McLaughlin has more than 18 years of clinical experience treating patients with musculo-skeletal disorders, chronic pain, digestive disorders, psycho-emotional disturbances, hormonal imbalances, allergies, and auto-immune disorders.

Dr. Jamie has experience working in both hospital and private clinical settings in both the U.S. and abroad. Jamie completed his undergraduate studies in Biology and Psychology, earning degrees in 1996. He then went on for post-graduate study in Oriental Medicine at The International Institute of Chinese Medicine, graduating with honors in 2001. He later was accepted and interned for additional post-graduate study at Heilingjiong University teaching hospital in Harbin, China where he specialized in post-stroke rehabilitation and spinal cord injuries. Jamie started a private practice in the Western U.S. in 2001 before turning it over to a practitioner from Germany in 2014, when he decided to bring his experience to the East Coast and made Richmond, VA his new home.

Dr. Jamie has had good success treating patients with a wide range of illnesses, patterns and presentations, especially pain-related ailments. He is an excellent caregiver for patients who suffer from psycho-emotional conditions, including chronic stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and persons who have complicated, emotionally rooted trauma patters. Jamie has also had great success treating gastro-intestinal (GI) disorders, bloating, acid reflux, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, IBS, as well as problems such as common colds, flu, allergies, shingles, PMS, menopause, migraines, insomnia, and various skin disorders.

Jamie has also studied with world renowned Qigong masters for the past 15 years. He is a certified medical Qigong instructor and enjoys teaching Qigong when time permits. He contributes most of his success as a clinical acupuncturist to the fact that he has had the privilege to study under and work alongside some of the most profound doctors in the field of energy medicine. "I believe helping people is my purpose for being on this planet. I feel honored to have been given gifts that I can use for healing and assisting people with their challenges." Jamie believes that to be a successful practitioner, one must have a good Head, a caring Heart, and healing Hands. Everyone that has worked with Jamie would agree he can be trusted to guide his patients back to health with skillful use of these. "I believe that only God and nature truly heal. Energy medicine and plant-based medicine both provide information to the body at the cellular level. We are able to access the body's innate wisdom using acupuncture points along these ancient meridian systems. This information system triggers cellular memory and reminds the body's cells how to restore balance and regain opitmal health, which it innately knows how to do."

Licensures, Certifications, and Formal Education:
 Commonwealth of VA Board of Medicine license
 State of NM Doctor of Oriental Medicine license
 National Certification, Diplomate of Herbology (NCCAOM)
 National Certification, Diplomate of Acupuncture (NCCAOM)
 East West Academy Medical Qigong Instructor Certification
 KS Newman University, Diploma
 International Institute of Chinese Medicine, Diploma
 Heilingjiang University, Diploma



Dr. Jamie McLaughlin is proudly affiliated with Dr. John Verheul and his team at HealthVisionsMD.